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10th Dec 2016

Pumping Pics Are The New Breastfeeding Selfie (According To The Internet)

Trine Jensen-Burke

When they first started popping up on your Instagram feed, the breastfeeding selfie – much as they shouldn’t really  – did cause some controversy.

Mostly because the mums posting pictures of themselves breastfeeding were being accused of being either attention seeking or contributing to mums not breastfeeding being made feel bad for their choice not to do so.

Which, we think, is all sorts of silly – surely someone posting of picture doing something with their life and their body should not hold the power to make others feel anything, certainly not shame, but maybe that’s just us…

Luckily; as the breastfeeding selfies continued to flood our feeds, they are now so common that we reckon any stigma associated with the photo op surely has been erased by now.

Anyway; move over “brelfies” because now there is a new social media trend involving boobs and babies (even though now they are no longer in the actual snap) in town. Say hello to the pumping pics.


Yep, that’s right. Now you can’t call yourself an Instagram mama unless you have at least one picture of yourself administrating a breast pump on your feed.

And we love them. Just as intimate as the original, these photos feel more realistic, more relatable. Pumping in all sorts of strange places and scenarios? We have all been there.


Because while Instagram makes it looks so easy, the reality is that not all mums can spend a leisurely morning cuddled up in bed with their newborn while their doting photographer gets the lighting just right. Nope. Some mums are racing to get to work, or have to attend a function sans baby, bottles and flanges and tubing in hand, and in between meetings or flights or courses at dinner they are pumping whenever they can find a moment.


Guys; we love the breast pump selfie (pelfie, perhaps?) and are delighted to see a few celebrity mums (Kristin Cavallari, Kourtney Kardashian, Snooki, Doutzen Kroutz – to name a few) showing this less luxurious — though no less stunning — side of motherhood.



What do YOU think, mamas? Would you ever take a selfie with your breast pump attached? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie