'Pumpkin spotting' might be replacing trick-or-treating this year – and it sounds like good fun 1 year ago

'Pumpkin spotting' might be replacing trick-or-treating this year – and it sounds like good fun

There is no denying that this year's Halloween celebrations are set to be very different from what we are all used to.

To most of us, Halloween means trick-or-treating with our little ones, but I think we can all agree that with the current restrictions in place, and the realisation that we will still very much be practising social distancing, it just won't be able to go ahead as normal this year.

But before you get too upset – hear us out:

With the idea of taking sweets from a stranger being somewhat less appealing this year, could pumpkin spotting be the socially distanced trend for Halloween 2020?

The COVID-friendly twist on trick or treating is currently doing the rounds on social media, and we have to say, we are loving it.

The idea is that families can draw a picture of a pumpkin OR carve pumpkins as normal – plus decorate their windows with cobwebs, skeletons and bats if they fancy it – and other families will be able to go for walks around their local area and spot how many they see.


Sounds familiar? I know – remember we all did it back during lockdown with rainbows in the window?

The pumpkins will be a fun way for families to get out of the house in a safe, socially distanced fashion, while still enjoying Halloween, and we love how it still means the kids can dress up and we can all head outside for the walk around in the dark – it will still feel like Halloween, just a little different. Like with most things in 2020, in fairness.

Oh – and if you promise them some sweets for a certain amount of pumpkins spotted, we reckon it will almost be as good as the real thing.

Let us know what you think? Do YOU think pumpkin spotting sounds like a good idea? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us at @herfamilydotie