'Pure ignorance': One mum hits out at the misuse of parent parking spaces 5 years ago

'Pure ignorance': One mum hits out at the misuse of parent parking spaces

One mother has shared her frustrations with the public’s misuse of parent and child parking spaces on Facebook.

A mother, who asked to remain anonymous, got in contact with Cork’s 96FM to share her frustrations with people who aren’t parents using parent and child parking spaces.

The woman said she was forced to use the furthest parking space from the doors of a supermarket when the parent and child spaces were taken by those without kids.

“I have been caught in bad showers running too and from the shop, with my daughter, because we had to park so far away,” read her complaint on Facebook.

“I can’t park in a normal space because then I can’t get my daughter’s seat out of the car as the spaces are too tight for us.”


The post has stirred a huge debate on Facebook with over 160 comments, with everyone talking a strong stance on the issue.

“I’m so annoyed by the lack of respect and the pure laziness and ignorance," the woman continued.

"I’m dreading having to go shopping in the next few weeks as the weather gets worse.”

The issue is clearly incredibly divisive as while many supported the mum's comments many have criticised the woman for being “too precious”.

“Mothers today are pure spoiled brats,” read one comment.

“Did your own mother have a special space when she went shopping? No, she didn’t.

“If you didn’t have big huge jeep type cars just because yee have one child and motorhomes for buggies, you might fit in more spaces.”