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26th Oct 2020

Quality time: 10 easy autumn-themed crafts to do with your kids this midterm

Trine Jensen-Burke

Autumn crafts

Wet, dark afternoons are perfect for some quality time around the kitchen table.

Autumn is without a doubt our favourite season for getting our creative hats on, and trust me, the kids are going to love making any of these with you.

Because, you see, it’s not really about what you create – although you will no doubt be left with some pretty adorable keepsakes – it is about how much children love when you actually make time to sit down with them, no distratctions.

And if you are wondering just what to make together – here is a list of 10 easy projects to get stuck into this autumn:

1. Apple stamp painting

Just slice some apples in half, paint and use them to stamp on paper. Not only is it a great way to use up all those apples you picked up at the farmer’s market, but the kids will no doubt love making some seasonal art too.

2. Pumpkin painting

Forget about the mess of carving – we are all about painting our pumpkins this year!

3. Make a ‘Thankful Tree’

Such a sweet way to teach gratitude. Simply draw a tree on a piece of paper or cardboard and write the things that you and your little one are thankful for on smaller pieces of paper. Feel free to add colour and illustrations too. Then you simply glue your little pieces to the tree – and the best part is that you can keep adding to it as you all think of more things to be grateful for.

4. Make an apple birdfeeder

Feed those little birdies! Simply cut an apple in half, core out a small hole with a spoon, top with birdseed and set outside. These are great for wildlife and 100% edible, which means no mess is left behind!

5. Paper pumpkin wreath

Just look at how cute this is!

6. Leaf art

There are so many different things you can do with leaves.You can make animals out of them, trace around them or create a cool collage, colour them – the options are endless!


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Leaf Rubbing Transfer. ? . . I’m so happy with how these turned out! Instead of doing leaf rubbings where you put the leaf under the paper and use a crayon over top… we used out tempera paint sticks from @michaelsstores to paint right ON the leaves. Then we flipped them upside down on a piece of paper and rubbed /pressed down. When we lifted up the leaf, we were left with a beautiful print! ? . . This was a perfect after school activity for the boys (while Henry just chewed on the paint ??‍♀️). And of course, I had to make a rainbow one. ? . . What season is it where you live?? Do you get all 4 seasons like we do here in Canada? ? . . . . . . . . . . . . #earlychildhoodeducation #earlylearning #learningisfun #learningthroughplay #playbased #momblog #earlychildhoodfun101 #playingislearning #earlychildhood #playmatters #playathome #invitationtoplay #teachersofinstagram #fallactivities #leafart #processartforkids

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7. Puffy cotton ball ghosts

For this fun activity, all you need are cotton balls, black construction paper and some googly eyes. These are super cute and fun to touch!

8. Make an autumn wreath

There is so many ways of doing this – and it needen’t be complicated at all. And just think of how lovely it will be to decorate your front door with a wreath you all made together.

9. Q-tip skeletons

Help your little one craft a skeleton with Q-tips glued to black paper.


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Just a little excited for fall around here! ☠️?? #qtipskeletons #skeletonsthatdab #teacherspayteachers

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10. Paint some pinecones

Take a trip to the park and pick out some good ones, and then get stuck in.