A range of measures to cut cost of schooling for parents have been announced 5 years ago

A range of measures to cut cost of schooling for parents have been announced

To avoid that certain school equipment is monopolised by retailers, Education Minister Richard Bruton has announced that schools across the country will have to adopt several measures to cut areas of costs for parents sending their kids to school.

These include for instance using 'iron on' or 'sew on' crests so that generic jumpers and blazers can be purchased instead of a specific one to the school, provide rental options for books and use uniforms that parents are able to purchase from a range of different stores.

Speaking at the I.N.T.O. Conference in Belfast, Minister Bruton explained:

“My ambition is to make the Irish education and training service the best in Europe within a decade. To deliver on my ambition to be the best we have to improve information and complaint procedures for parents and students, particularly in relation to costs. The measures I am announcing today will give parents a strong voice in ensuring costs are always kept to a minimum."

He then proceeded to explain further that for this to be possible, costs need to be kept at a level where they are manageable to all parents.


“Schools have to do everything possible to keep costs down for parents, including the use of generic items, sew on or iron on crests, and making sure that various elements of the uniform can be purchased in multiple stores.”

The minister made the announcement yesterday and following the implementation, school authorities will be required to adopt the following principles of cost-effective practice which will put a greater emphasis on reducing the cost of school uniforms and other costs:

  • Only “iron on” or “sew on” crests should be used
  • All elements of a school uniform should be purchasable from various stores;
  • Wherever possible, generic rather than branded items should be specified (e.g. uniform, clothing, IT tablets, sports equipment etc.)
  • Provide parents with a list of all required items and indicate the likely costs of these required items at best value stores
  • Provide a book rental scheme
  • Ban the use of workbooks which cannot be reused
  • Where an exclusive supply arrangement applies, it should be tendered for regularly.

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