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17th Aug 2023

Rosanna Davison reveals hack that helps with sleepless nights

Rosanna Davison shared the tip with fellow exhausted parents.

As a mum of three, Rosanna Davison knows all about sleepless nights. Your sleeping schedule goes out the window once you welcome your first child, and it doesn’t really recover until they move out.

Rosanna Davison revealed a trick for coping after a sleepless night. She explained that her children had quite a restless night this week despite being in bed at 9.30 pm.

“I have to laugh. Went to bed early last night and this is what happens: Go to bed at 9.30 pm.”

“Sophia wakes screaming at 9:45 (bad dream?) and wakes Hugo,” she shared.

Speaking on Instagram, the mum said:  “Oscar wakes us at 2.30. I put him back to bed. He comes in again at 4.45, I put him back to bed.”

The mum said one thing that always helps is having two coffees and a cold shower.

It’ll help you cope with the extreme tiredness, the mum-of-three said.

“Big hugs to those of you yawning before it’s even midday. Had 2 coffees and a cold shower, hope that will help,” she said.

Do you have any hacks that will help after a sleepless night?