"I gave my son a 'safe sex hamper' for his 16th birthday" 1 year ago

"I gave my son a 'safe sex hamper' for his 16th birthday"

Would you put something like this together for your teen?

A mum has sparked debate online after sharing a contraception-filled hamper she put together for her son's sixteenth birthday.

In a TikTok video, user @jadamson98official showed herself filling a basket with products to ensure her son has safe, hygienic sex as he turns the legal age of consent.

"Legal age requirements – sixteen means wipes, protection, more protection," the mum said, adding in the caption that she's "too young to be a nanna".

In the video, she can be seen adding several packs of condoms to the basket along with a pack of baby wipes and some lubricant.

"Maybe he wants to experience, and that’s okay," she said of being okay with her son being sexually active as long as he's safe and responsible.

The video, which went viral and was seen by over a million people, actually got the woman's original TikTok account banned – but she re-uploaded it to a new page.

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The mum opened up more on why she gifted her son the hamper in the comments, sharing that it was supposed to be a bit of a laugh whilst also letting her son know he can go to her for anything.

"It’s just showing support to my growing children and having fun with it," she wrote. "He laughed more than I have seen him laugh before. He loved it ‘as a joke’ which was exactly what I wanted, to see him smile.

"It’s important to have a healthy relationship with your parents... I never did with mine," she explained, adding that she wants to do things differently.

"I was 17 when I had my son, didn’t have my mum behind me to guide me, I wouldn’t change him for the world now, just don’t want him being a young dad."

The video garnered a mixed response, with some users praising her for encouraging her son to be responsible.

"100% agree with this idea! My mum made sure I had protection and contraception in a drawer at 13, she had kids young and made sure I knew safe sex," one user wrote.

"So happy you kept up with this!! I'm going to do this one day. You and your son must have such an amazing relationship," added another.

"Omg I've been looking for this sort of hamper for my son's 16th, so glad I'm not the only one," another commented.

Others suggested it was embarrassing to the teen or gave him the green light to have a lot of sex at such a young age.

"I would be mortified and embarrassed af if my mum did anything like that," one said, while another added: "So so so so so awkward, you'll scar that poor lad!"

"As a Mother of two girls, Moms of boys like you cause me a whole lot of anxiety and sleepless nights," one mum wrote, to which the mum who made the hamper replied: "Ok so he meets your girls with no protection, they get pregnant and your anxiety increases. Come on."

Another mum said that while she liked the idea, it feels wrong to think of her kid "doing stuff like that". "I'm dreading having to have the talk with her," she admitted, with the hamper mum responding: "But would you prefer talking about unplanned pregnancy?"

Well, she has a point there, that's for sure.