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12th Feb 2024

Is it wrong to wear your pyjamas on the school run?

Kat O'Connor

A school in England has slated parents for wearing their pyjamas on the school run.

The school claimed the community has been deeply offended by parents showing up at the school gates in their pyjamas.

So much so that they’ve banned them from wearing nightwear at the school.

Ayresome Primary School in the UK has called on parents to stop dressing inappropriately on the school run.

The school has noticed an increase in parents arriving in slippers, pyjamas, and dressing gowns.

The school’s headteacher Charlotte Haylock said she issued a “polite reminder to parents for them to wear appropriate clothing when accompanying their children to and from school.”

“As a school, we encourage our children to be appropriately dressed at all times and we feel it is important for parents to do likewise.”

The headteacher’s message was met with a mixed response.

Numerous parents agreed that it was inappropriate to wear pyjamas on the school run.

One said it’ll give the children a poor impression.

Others said the parents should dress respectfully.

“The children all have to wear their uniforms and they look smart when they come to school so there’s no reason why the parents shouldn’t either,” one shared.

However, others didn’t see the harm in parents wearing pyjamas.

One wrote: “If people wanna wear the pjs to take there kids then they can, as long the kids getting to school that’s what counts.”

Another added: “Who does this headteacher think she is telling people how to dress?”

Others stressed that the school should focus more on the children’s education rather than what type of clothing parents are wearing when collecting their kids.

What do you think?