Scientific research says that mums have a psychic connection with their kids 2 years ago

Scientific research says that mums have a psychic connection with their kids

Do you feel like you have a psychic connection with your baby?

I remember when I was a new mum and being amazed by how I always seemed to wake up just before my baby started crying. I would also wake in the dead of night and know to go check on them even when the baby monitor hadn't alerted me.

When it comes to figuring out what the baby wants it usually falls to mum too to figure it out. For some reason, it is assumed that we instinctually know what our babies need at all times, and it seems that in some way we do.

Scientists have found that a baby's brain syncs up with their mother's. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have found that a baby's neural activity syncs with their mother's and can predict how well they learn social cues.

The study also found that how a mother reacts to a situation has a big influence on how her baby will respond to the same situation. This makes a lot of sense because I find if there is an accident at home and I respond calmly my toddler remains calm, but if I become stressed by the situation she will begin to panic.


This doesn't mean that we get it right all of the time but researcher Victoria Leong believes that how well we sync with our babies could affect our lifelong connection with our child. It may also affect how well they deal with the world around them.

According to Technology Networks, Ms Leong said;

"We found that stronger neural synchrony predicted a higher likelihood of social learning by the infant."

Now, this by no way means that the crying baby should always be handed over to mum because 'she knows what they want' but it is fascinating to know just how deep the bond between mother and child can go.