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30th Sep 2019

The second Irish LGBTQ Family Meet Up is happening next week and we can’t wait

Melissa Carton

Ireland is becoming an ever more inclusive country.

Many Pride events this year including several family friendly events but it can still be difficult to find LGBT+ family get togethers at other times of the year.

Next week will see the return of the LGBTQ family meet up and it sounds like a great day out.

Taking place at the scenic Irish Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham Dublin the event is the second ever Irish LGBTQ Family Meet Up.

Organisers of the meet up said that they feel it is a much needed event for many families in Ireland;

“We plan to make this a monthly meet up as I feel it’s a vital part of our community. It’s something which we have been lacking in.

We need our children to see other families just like theirs.”

Having grown up in a family with same-sex parents I completely agree that it important for children in LGBT+ families to know that there are lots of families like their own.

When I was little I had no idea that there were other Irish children with the same family dynamic as mine and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realised just how many children of my generation were raised by same-sex parents.

The next LGBTQ Family Meet Up will take place next week October 13 at 3pm.

You can keep an eye on the event page here for further updates.