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29th Dec 2018

Stretch the legs – Seven buggy-friendly walks in Ireland

Spent too long indoors this week?

Anna O'Rourke

Stretch the legs - Seven buggy-friendly walks in Ireland

Cabin fever kicking in yet?

The drinks have been drunk, the sweets have been eaten, the excitement at presents and visitors and a lack of routine are finally wearing off.

It’s time to get out.

Of course, easier said than done when you have little people in tow.

Yes, it’ll mean finding coats and scarves and hats, getting everybody organised and ready, loading up the car, making sure everyone has had a wee and that you have everything an ordinary person might expect to need should an apocalypse occur.

Still, you won’t regret getting out – it’ll get them away from screens and help to tire them out.

We’ve chosen some of our very favourite walks around the country that are accessible with a buggy.



The Old Railway Line between Carrigaline and Crosshaven.

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The River Dodder Trail, Clonskeagh.



Killarney National Park.

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Granston Lough Nature Reserve.



JFK Arboretum, New Ross.

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Rinville Park, Oranmore.




Oakfield Park, Raphoe.