A Simple Trick To Help You Quit Shouting At Your Kids 5 years ago

A Simple Trick To Help You Quit Shouting At Your Kids

Most parents have been there: it's 4pm on a rainy weekday, the pasta is boiling over on the hob; the phone is ringing incessantly and the toddler has chosen just the right moment to decide that the knife block is his new favourite toy. 

It's prime yelling territory; a situation where an 'I'm warning you Matthew!' or an 'I swear to god Abbie, do NOT make me come over there' is more than likely to slip out in the heat of the moment.

But, as everyone knows, shouting at children serves only to make them more upset. That's why this genius tip is a brilliant one to have in your parenting arsenal when the going gets tough with the kids.

And it couldn't be any simpler: Next time your child is working themselves into a tantrum, resist the urge to yell and make a joke instead.

Humour has the power to turn tears into giggles, diffusing the situation and distracting the child for long enough that they forget why they were mad in the first place. Once the child is calm, choose your moment to talk about those angry feelings later.


Not only is a tickle attack, a funny face, a silly song or noise the perfect alternative to an upsetting tantrum for a child, it will also help Mom or Dad to keep their cool when things get stressful too.

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