This simple trick will stop you losing your sh*t with your kids 1 year ago

This simple trick will stop you losing your sh*t with your kids

Feeling the mom rage? Try this easy trick for cooling your jets.

Kids are brilliant. They make us laugh more than anyone else and fill our hearts right up with their tiny hugs and overenthusiastic kisses. But, let's face it, at times they'd also test the patience of the most saintly among us. No matter how gentle our parenting style, mom rage is a very real thing.

There are countless books, websites and therapy sessions about what to do when you feel your blood start to boil. Advice usually revolves around taking a break from the smallies, getting your partner to tag in or some sort of breathing ritual. But what do you do in that precise moment, when you feel yourself losing your cool and there's no sign of a parental time out on the horizon?

This easy idea might just do the trick. Simply, clap it out. The physical release involved in slapping your hands together should give you that slammed door/thrown item release, without the instant regret or onset of the dreaded mam guilt.


If nothing else, it might act as an early warning system for the kiddos. 'Uh oh, mam's clapping again. Better get down off the table.'

In a nutshell, if you're angry and you know it... Clap your hands!

Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash