Sleep consultant shares how her son began sleeping through the night 2 years ago

Sleep consultant shares how her son began sleeping through the night

Listen up, mamas.

While you've probably heard various tips and tricks for getting your little one to sleep through the night, this one has been tried and tested and it WORKS.

Let's all take a minute to appreciate this wonderful news which comes courtesy of sleep consultant, Hadley Seward who you'll find over at Bonne Nuit Baby.

Hadley says that her son started to have problems sleeping at the age of 13 months and after finding what worked for him, this led to a new career path.

She also said that it makes her job worthwhile when a new mother says Hadley's tips helped her child to sleep through the night, for the very first time.

In conversation with My Domaine, Hadley explained her top tips for getting your son/daughter to sleep better.


Around the age of four months, babies become more aware of their surroundings and so it's wise to get them accustomed to light during the day so they associate night with sleep.

Hadley recommends exposing them to plenty of natural light during the day and darkening the room is designed to help them settle better, resulting in a restful sleep.

Another tip is to include creating a routine around bedtime around the age of three months so that your baby will start to recognise that it's time for sleep.

In Hadley's opinion, it's always best to get them to bed before they become overtired, we all know what happens then.

That's the idea anyway, it might take a little time to work this out properly...