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19th Jan 2021

Sligo teacher creates animated video series for Junior Cert revision

Bite-sized, animated videos ideal for anyone revising for the Junior Cert.

As students and teachers continue to grapple with the challenges presented by remote learning, Sligo-based teacher, Leona Moran has launched a video revision tool that will enable Junior Cert students to revise for exams when and where they want.

Designed to help students expand their knowledge of a particular area in a fun and engaging way, Eduflix is aimed at auditory and visual learners who understand and remember lessons they have seen or heard better compared to what they glean from reading textbooks.

The company has created a series of online learning revision packages consisting of bite-sized animated videos to meet the needs of these kinds of learners.

The first of the revision packages to launch on the platform is Junior Cycle Business includes 37 three-minute-long videos that follow the key elements of the subject in-line with the current school syllabus. Other key subject areas are in the works.

The founder of the company, Leona Moran, is a teacher at Ballinode College in Sligo. Her interest in exploring more creative teaching methods led to her setting up the business which she sees as a reliable and safe grinds solution for students.

“I set up Eduflix this year to enable me to begin developing a series of animated videos to bring the curriculum to life for the students,” she said.

“My own experience of using it in the classroom has been very positive. The motivation it provides students enables them to really raise the bar of their expectations and improves how they perceive their own ability.”

All of the videos can be accessed through an online password-protected portal with any device and are available to purchase now from