Stacey Solomon on why she once took her 'rebellious' son to the police station 5 years ago

Stacey Solomon on why she once took her 'rebellious' son to the police station

Stacey Solomon has told how she once took her eldest son to a police station to try and calm a "rebellious" phase.

The 28-year-old explained on Loose Women today [Wednesday, August 1] how her 10-year-old's behaviour had left her on the verge of tears - and desperate to find a solution to it all.

She said that she and Zachary had been arguing a lot as the young boy went through a "really, really difficult period" not that long ago.

And in a last-ditch effort to find a solution, she decided to take him to their local police station.

She said:

"My eldest had a really, really difficult period at one point in his life not too long ago, and I was really struggling to communicate with him.

"We were arguing a lot, and he was being really, really rebellious. It got to the point where it was upsetting.

"He was having a really tough time – and I was having a tough time reacting to the way he was behaving.

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"So I pulled into our local police station and I took him inside."


She praised the people at the police station for their understanding, as they helped her son find a more positive path.

Stacey recalled how they showed Zachary the set up at the station, including the holding cells - before sitting down to have a lengthy chat with him.

And the former X Factor contestant said that it had a really, really positive impact on her relationship with her son.

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She continued:

"Thank God [I took him in] – because I was at that point when, you know when you’re frustrated with your child that you’re in tears?

"I just didn’t know what to do with him. [The police] were incredible.

"It really changed my life, I know that it was a waste of police time, but it was the best time ever spent.

"It just changed our life and they were incredible."