Stacey Solomon says her kids have no set bedtime – and here is why 2 years ago

Stacey Solomon says her kids have no set bedtime – and here is why

Until you have tried to put kids who don't want to go to bed to bed, you really have no idea just how challenging this really is.

I mean; don't you just love for instance when people who are not yet parents give you a speech about the importance of sleep and a bedtime routine?

Good grief, Sharon, get back to me when you have refilled seven thousand sippy cups and then changed the sheets they peed on after drinking all that water they insisted they needed to not die of thirst.

Anyway, I digress. My point is this – bedtime with young kids can be hell. And while strict routines work for some, that might not be what works for everyone else.

Recently, Stacey Solomon revealed on Instagram how a followed had asked her: 'Why don’t the boys have a set bedtime instead of letting them fall asleep first?'

"I don't know if this is a really judgy question or I'm just premenstrual and taking it as a personal parenting dig," the TV host and mum-of-three explained on her Instagram stories about the incident.

"We do have a sort of bedtime, we don’t have a really strict routine because we never know if we are coming or going a lot of the time so we just go with it and do the best that we can," she went on.

'" love cuddling my kids, whether people think it is right or wrong I genuinely want to just squeeze in those cuddles while I can because I know that one day they won’t want to cuddle me anymore."


As a major fan of co-sleeping when my babies were babies, and who still am so happy when they wander into my bed at night (which they frequently do) I felt this one.

"I do genuinely think just do what works for you, no matter what anyone thinks," Solomon said.

"Parenting is hard enough without feeling like you are not doing it the right way so just do what gets you through."

Preach, sister!

The 31-year-old then posted a snap of her snuggling with her sons on her story, captioning the post:

"Current situation... And I can't wait to cuddle them all to sleep tonight. Your messages are the best love you x."