Stepmum asks for her stepson to be photoshopped out of family photo 1 year ago

Stepmum asks for her stepson to be photoshopped out of family photo

Just plain cruel.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Small, large, in the middle. Some are blended, some have two dads, or two mums, or children who share one parent, but not the other.

Regardless –what binds families together, is love and caring for one another.

Starting a relationship or family with someone new when you have children from before is no doubt never easy. But, you would think, as a bare minimum, you will want the person you start a relationshio with to care about your children, and include them as part of the family and treat them thereafter.

However, this might now always be the case.

Recently, a US mum posted a request in a Facebook group called Photoshop Fairy Connection. Her mission? She was looking for someone who could help her photoshop her stepson out of some family photos.


Yes, really.

In screenshots that have since gone viral, the mum asked the group if anyone "could remove the centre kid," offering $10 for the gig, and sharing a text with the photographer granting permission for editing. In the text, the mum says she'd like permission to find out if her "stepson can be removed."

The screenshots soon made their way onto Twitter, where users found themselves horrified.

"When I was a child my ex-stepmother planned a family photo with just her daughter and my two half-siblings with my dad. They made no attempt to have me included," wrote Twitter user Peyton Placer. "I had to see that picture for every visit to my dad's thereafter. It still stings and I'm an adult."

Other Twitter users were equally disgusted at the woman's request:

However, others shared how have stepped up to the task of being a stepparent without any questions asked—as it should be.