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02nd Sep 2019

Study says getting kids ready for school is the same as an extra days work

Melissa Carton

I’m not surprised.

A research study found that parents spend the guts of a working day trying to get their children ready for school.

From reminding them to get their belongings, double-checking that they’re dressed and making them breakfast, most parents spend the equivalent of an extra day of work getting our children out the door.

The survey taken by a cereal company found that the biggest challenge facing parents in the morning is getting their children ready for school.

Parents surveyed said that they have little to no time getting themselves ready and sometimes go without eating breakfast because all their energy is focused on their kids.

I have to say it’s a bit of a relief to read this as I thought I was the only one brushing my hair on the way to the bus stop while trying to eat a piece of toast.

The survey also found that by the end of the school year, parents will have asked their kids to hurry up almost 540 times. To be honest I’m pretty sure I could clock that amount in a day with my son.

“We wanted to shed light on what real mornings are like for parents before their kids go off to school. As a dad myself, mornings are far from perfect. We want parents to understand it’s OK if their resolutions fall by the wayside. ” – Jeremy Harper, Vice President of Marketing, U.S. Snacks, at Kellogg.