Summer is almost over! Here are all the activities you should tick off before it ends 3 years ago

Summer is almost over! Here are all the activities you should tick off before it ends

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Summer is coming to a close.

It's not quite gone yet though! There is still plenty of time to get some of those all-important activities ticked off the list.

We're sure you had your own list of must-dos for the summer but, aside from those, are there any things that you try to do every summer? We have a few pretty basic things that we always try to do over the summer. If we don't get each of these ticked off at least once, it doesn't properly feel like summer.

If you're still thinking of what to fit into the last month of summer, here's our own personal list to help you out.

1. Swim in the sea ✔

Does anything say summer more than a dip in the great blue (grey) bath? You really haven't had a proper summer unless you've taken a day to bring the kids to the beach where you all run screaming into the cold Irish sea or Atlantic Ocean. Extra points if any of you claims that it's "actually quite warm" while simultaneously shivering.

2. Picnic ✔


It's so easy to do, so fun, and also so often forgotten. If you haven't put together a proper picnic this summer yet, now's the time. On your next adventure - no matter where you're going - put together a basket of goodies with the kids to munch on later. Cutlery is optional but a picnic blanket is an absolute must.

3. Hike ✔

Perfect for bringing that picnic! No matter what age your little ones are, there are loads of scenic hikes around Ireland to suit them. Walk the easy Bray to Greystones walk if you've got really little ones or head to the Glenariff Forest Park in Antrim if your kids are confident on their feet. Summer is the perfect time to really take in Ireland in all its beauty so don't put it off!

4. Cycle ✔

We love getting the little ones out on the bike trails. Whether you're nearer the west or the east of the country, there are safe and easy cycle routes to bring the kids on. Plenty of bike hiring places rent out kid carriers to pop tiny tots into or, if your child is old enough, why not teach them how to cycle? It will make for some wonderful memories for the both of you and your little one will feel very accomplished going back to school stabiliser-free.


5. Try something new ✔

Always, always, always. We can't stress enough how important it is to try something new with the kids every summer. It will encourage a sense of adventure in them, it shows them that it's good to try new things at every age, and it gives you all a chance to learn a new skill together. Whether it's surfing, puppeteering, dancing, or yoyoing, nothing is off-limits. Sign yourself and the kids up and go for it.

6. Adventure weekend ✔

That means no phones, no work, no television (for anyone!). Go exploring, take part in whatever activities you want, let the kids plan what you do on one of the days - the rules are up to you. All that matters is that everyone sticks to them, you spend your days creating adventure in whatever way you want and, most importantly, you have fun.

7. Cook new food with the little ones ✔


Cooking is one of the best skills in the world to have and the earlier you start learning how to cook, the better. Pick a meal that you haven't tried before and get your kids to help you make it. Ten-year-olds can help with most things in the kitchen, but even three-year-olds can wash the veg. We can guarantee you that, no matter what dish you pick, they'll eat it afterwards. Everything tastes good when you cooked it yourself.

8. Get breakfast in bed from the kids ✔

We know, this sounds like a cop-out. Seriously though, summer isn't summer without one morning of burnt toast with badly spread butter. The toast may be black all over but the proud look in their eyes almost makes it taste good. What a way to start the day.

9. See somewhere new ✔

Anywhere at all. It doesn't have to be far from home - as long as you haven't been there before, it counts. Summer is all about looking back and saying things like, "oh, remember when we went to *blank*! That was fun!" It's up to you to make those memories first though.

10. Relax ✔

This one is for everyone. Take a day to do nothing at all. Lounge outside with your book and a cold drink and just breathe in that summer air. The kids might find it hard to sit still for that long so make it a game for them - teach them to relax grown-up style. Dress them up in your summer clothes and give them some orange juice with a tiny umbrella. If you have more than one kid over the age of four, you could give each one a day to relax. The first day, one kid and one parent relaxes while the others bring them their food and drinks, the next day everyone switches. It works a charm and each parent gets a guaranteed day of sweet, sweet relaxation. Ah yes.

So that's it. Our list of bare-minimum activities for the summer. How many have you ticked off this year?

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