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05th Aug 2017

This superhero dad has saved the lives of four people in two years

Dad-of-two Gareth Clark is an everyday hero.

Alison Bough

Gareth Clark hero dad This Morning

Humble dad-of-two Gareth Clark has saved the lives of four strangers in just two years.

Gareth Clark hero dad This Morning

Ex-soldier turned doorman Gareth Clark doesn’t consider himself a hero despite saving the lives of four different individuals over a two-year period.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, the dad-of-two touched the hearts of thousands of people who heard the 36-year-old’s amazing story.

Gareth appeared on the popular talkshow alongside two of the people whose lives he had saved; Natasha Wright, whom he stopped jumping from a bridge last December, and Matthew Jessop, who Gareth saved from drowning just one week ago.

Incredibly, the brave dad saved another woman from drowning in the same river three years ago. Gareth also performed first aid on a man who was having a heart attack while they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Gareth’s proud wife Natalie also appeared on the show with the couple’s young children Max and Maggie, who were presented with cute babygrows that said ‘My Daddy’s A Hero.’

Gareth Clark hero dad This Morning

Matthew, the young man Gareth pulled out of the river, called for his rescuer to be publicly recognised for his acts of bravery, saying “he needs an award of some kind.”

Award or no, we think Max and Maggie are very lucky to have Superman for a daddy.