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25th Nov 2019

Study finds that mum and dads get an estimated 32 minutes of ‘me time’ a day

Melissa Carton

five words or less

Sounds about right.

One thing I noticed lessened straight away when I became a parent was free time to do as I pleased. I’ve seen so many memes doing the rounds about how going to the shops alone is now classified as a vacation and honestly, it does feel that way.

I always knew that I catching some ‘me time’ during the day would be rare but according to a recent survey parents are lucky if they catch just half an hour to themselves.

The new survey, conducted by meal delivery service Munchery, found that most parents have little to no free time during the average day.

The study surveyed 2,000 moms and dads and found that the typical parent has just over 30 minutes to themselves every day once work and parenting duties are tended to.

On top of that, it found that parents are often so busy tending to the needs of everyone else that they actually skip 227 proper meals every year.

To be honest I’m not really surprised by the results. After getting home from work and getting the kids fed and into bed I’m lucky if I can get through an episode of something on Netflix without nodding off.