So THIS doesn't change when you have kids 6 years ago

So THIS doesn't change when you have kids

People always say that your life completely changes when you have a baby but it seems there’s one thing that doesn’t change. (And we’re actually quite surprised by what it is.)

A study has revealed that while new parents spend less time together and don’t say ‘I love you’ as much, their sex life remains the same.


The survey found that when people start a family they kiss less, go out less and don’t have as much time for romance or weekends away.

Makes sense considering that your priorities have changed.

However it was found that new parents have just as much sex as non-parents (that being twice a week).


Doesn’t make sense considering how tired you are and how many times you have to get up during the night.


Despite the many changes that having children brings, over 80 per cent said they are happier and more satisfied since starting a family.

Liz Fraser, Modern Family Expert for, said: “Everyone knows having children is life-changing but regardless of the changes most parents would say having their children was the best moment of their lives, and that they couldn’t imagine living without them now they are here.

“Taking some time with your partner is important though, to ensure you keep the closeness of your relationship and retain that feel good factor that comes from being intimate.”