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31st Aug 2018

Tayto Park is celebrating International Vulture Day this Saturday

Melissa Carton

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Celebrate International Vulture Day with Tayto Park.

If the kids are having the post-summer-holiday blues then this event is sure to cheer them up.

This Saturday, September 1 the theme park will be hosting a variety of exciting activities to celebrate our feathered friends.

The Tayto Park Zoo, located in Ashbourne Co. Meath is home to seven different species of vulture, three of which are critically endangered.

This Saturday the kids will get the chance to get up close and personal with the fantastic Tayto Park vultures and get the opportunity to feed these majestic birds as well as take part in the parks very own vulture contest, where they will have the opportunity to meet all seven vulture species and choose their favourite.

The schedule for the day is:

Vulture Feeding – 2:00 pm
Vulture Display – 2:30 pm
With the Vulture Beauty Contest and Vulture Themed arts and crafts happening throughout the day.

Vultures aren’t the only animals being featured this weekend as you and your family can also enjoy the Tayto Parks World of Raptor display happening at 1:00 pm.

Of course, you can always head from the zoo for a go on some of the amazing rides, let’s face it half the fun of having kids is using them as an excuse to go on roller coasters.

If you’d like to find out more information about this event or any of the other events happening at Tayto Park you can visit their website