Tayto Park will hold an autism-friendly day later this month 4 years ago

Tayto Park will hold an autism-friendly day later this month

It's really challenging being a mum or dad... and when your child has special needs, those challenges can be even greater.

There isn't a one size fits all for the condition, but plenty of parents who have kids with autism say that routine and consistency is important - as is avoiding loud, unpredictable environments.

Which is why an autism-friendly day held at Tayto Park later this month is to be applauded.

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As part of the event, which takes place on Saturday, November 18, no music will be played on the loud speakers, and queuing will be kept to a minimum.


"A visual guide will also be given to parents which will help them to prepare for the trip. The guide will outline the situations, behaviours and skills that the children with autism may encounter on the day," reports independent.ie.

Tayto Park - an Autism Ireland partner - added that €2 from each entry will be donated to the charity as part of the Autism Awareness Day.

Entry on the day will be €14 per person and includes access to access to the Eagle's Nest, the Zoo, and the Tayto Factory Tour.

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The statement continued: "To support and raise awareness for Autism Ireland, we will be creating an autism friendly environment in the park on November 18 with the intention of allowing parents of children with autism and their children to enjoy our facilities.

"On the day there will be no music played throughout the park and queues will be kept to a minimum. We will have collections throughout the day to raise much needed funds for Autism Ireland."

Last month, the theme park also held a CF day to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.

For more information, see www.taytopark.ie.