Teen mum takes her two year old daughter to prom with her 2 years ago

Teen mum takes her two year old daughter to prom with her

This 16-year-old mum brought her two-year-old daughter to the prom.

Teen mum, Kayleigh Snaith took her toddler to her school prom with her to prove a point to the bullies who told her she'd never finish school.

Kayleigh became pregnant when she was just 13 years old with her daughter Harley but that didn't stop her from finishing her studies.

The Durham teen not only graduated from school but finished with seven GCSEs.

The proud mum bought prom dresses for herself and her daughter to celebrate her achievement and show all the people who told her she'd never succeed just how wrong they were.

When speaking to The Daily Mail Snaith said;

"It hasn't been easy. When Harley was a newborn I would be up through the night with her, sometimes for two or three hours if she didn't settle, and then I would go to school."

"I wanted to take Harley to the prom with me to show her that she is a princess in my eyes and always will be."

Kayleigh, who persisted with her school work while parenting her daughter at the same time, is due to start college in September to study music.

The young mum is set on giving herself and her daughter the brightest future possible, showing to the world that you can be a teen parent and still accomplish your dreams.