'I caught my 14-year-old vaping' - Parents offer advice on how to approach your teenager 4 days ago

'I caught my 14-year-old vaping' - Parents offer advice on how to approach your teenager

"Going off the rails will undoubtedly make the situation worse"

In today's world, disposable vapes are something we see every single day. Whether that be in the hands of passersby, littered across the streets, or displayed behind the counter of our local shop, they are everywhere.

With bright and colourful tubes that worryingly resemble highlighters, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they're as innocent as they look.

Despite only being sold to over-18s, they are making their way into the hands of teenagers, and with each odourless puff, parents may be none the wiser.

If you catch your adolescent, how do you approach the issue in a way that hits home their dangers while also not pushing them so far that they purposely defy the warnings?

One parent took to Reddit to get advice after they found two vapes in their 14-year-old son's room.

"I don’t vape or smoke. Can’t believe he would even try it. I obviously know that teens try things; but two found in his room," they wrote before asking parents on the platform to offer their advice on the situation.

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Many of the users recommended having a conversation in a cool and calm manner and trying not to jump straight to angry emotions if possible.

"don't get angry. Have a conversation with them about it. They may have bought it to "fit in" and may not even like it. Going off the rails will undoubtedly make the situation worse," one poster suggested.

"Getting overly angry can just teach them to hide these things better... fully agree that a conversation is the best thing here," another agreed.

One user says that for teenagers, unfortunately, their biggest influences are TV, YouTube, schoolmates, and friends—sometimes all at once, which could be at the root of why the original poster's son has taken up the habit.

"... Flying off the handle will absolutely just make him hide more things from you. Probably having a chat with him and just explaining that they're a nicotine replacement and highly addictive, as well as likely having longterm health complications (including impotence, fact fans!) will likely get him to see the light eventually.

"You're not going to suddenly change his mind with a conversation, that's not realistic. What you're more likely to have success with is giving him the tools and information to realise himself in a few weeks or months' time that he's gonna be wasting money on something that provides no joy and could permanently impact his health."

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While another person tied in their own experience of when they discovered that their 18-year-old son was smoking cigarettes and what successful method they used to put an end to it.

"I bought it up and described to him in great detail how my father, his grandfather who he never got to meet, died of throat cancer due to smoking. I told him he had to quit because I couldn't live watching the same thing happen to him. And he quit."

"You know how it is when you're young, you think you're immortal. In addition to pleading your emotional case, you may want to lay out some facts for him. Good luck."

Many users believed that many teenagers are now vaping simply because people their age and friends are doing it and that getting to the 'why' is the most important move.

"Just talk to him like an adult, don't give out. Just get him to tell you why he's trying it and then explain to him what they are.

"Hopefully after that he'll think differently - if you give out he might do it in retaliation behind your back but a good talk about them will make him think before he uses it again."

How would you approach the issue? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.