The 10 People I Just Love To Tip (AKA Why I Have NO Money) 4 years ago

The 10 People I Just Love To Tip (AKA Why I Have NO Money)

In my early teens and twenties, I wanted to be an actress and so that meant one thing: getting a job in any restaurant that would take me.

The hours were flexible enough that I could take time off for auditions or jobs if I got them, and the tips were good enough to keep me afloat. In fact, the tips were SO good in some restaurants that I was able to put myself through college and live and enjoy life abroad in places like New York and Toronto.

Because of working in that kind of earning-a-low-wage-so-gotta-earn-tips environment for ten years, I am really conscious of tipping other people in similar industries.

I tip really well for good service and can't stand bad service just because I know how simple and effective it is to put a smile on, be kind, write stuff down so you don't forget and generally just look after people.


I have just realised that I have been paying for service, and then tipping on top, to at least 10 different types of people for years now. Just why are we tipping everyone, is it a form of bribery; a guarantee that service will continue to be good? Shouldn't it be consistently good, if someone is in business in the first place, whether we decide to tip them or not?

Here are my top ten tip recipients - how many people do YOU tip regularly?

1. Beauticians

Because no one wants their beautician to be pissed off when carrying out a waxing of any kind. For obvious reasons. Obviously.


2. Taxi drivers

But only if they're not sexist, ageist, racist or homophobic. So about 50% of the time then.


3. Hairdressers

Like everyone, I have had a couple of disastrous haircuts in my time, but when you find a hairdresser who gets you, is good craic and doesn't make you look like Edward Scissorhands (or one of the Scissor Sisters for that matter) you are onto a winner.

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4. Restaurants

Generally a fiver for lunch and a tenner for dinner, 10% for grand service, 15% if it's awesome. (Or a strongly worded letter if it's terrible and a name-and-shame Facebook rant).


5. Bars

If I'm in a busy bar and want the bartender to remember my face every time I go up for a drink, I tip them at the very start of the night. If he or she is smart, they'll see dollar tip signs in their eyes for the rest of their shift and make sure I'm not dehydrating for too long in the queue.


6. Dog groomers

I know, mental. But I don't get our Westie Pearl groomed all that regularly so I always throw them a fiver to say thanks for minding her and for cutting the hair around her arse. Who'd want that job?!

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7. The Childminder

Yes, childcare is expensive but there is no harm in leaving a little extra from time to time. Bonus points for spelling out 'Please don't ever leave us!' in magnetic letters on the fridge.


8. Babysitters

This can technically be filed under 'accidental tipping' as I'm generally so in LOVE with the babysitter for facilitating my night out alone with my man, plus, let's be honest, fairly locko when I get home, that I'm always like 'No taaaake itt.. you're such an annnngelllll, thanks sooo mucccchh'. (Scarlet)

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9. Hotel cleaning staff

Technically, this isn't actually me. Ass Monkey just loves to leave some change for the cleaning staff if we ever stay in a hotel, 'because they did such a great job in keeping the room clean'. (I'm like 'Yeah? You owe me €10 million in back money for cleaning our house for the last eight years')

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10. Lounge girls & boys

When I started out in the hospitality industry, I was about 15 and my first job was a lounge girl. I think my hourly rate was £1.50. My fondest memory is taking an order from a very well-to-do family and the gentleman asking for a glass of wine. 'Sure', says I, 'what colour?'. I can STILL hear his laughter now. Give your lounge girl or boy a euro so they can stay in school will ya?!


Are you a tipper? Do you think everyone expects to be tipped these days, and if so, should they? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!