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09th Mar 2018

The controversial t-shirt designed for children who talk during class

children who talk in class

Did you see this yet?

T-shirts designed to be worn by children who talk repeatedly during class are going viral and we can see why.

The t-shirts, which carry the message “”Dear Teacher, I talk to everyone so moving my seat won’t help” are being sold online by TeeSpring for around €20.

Parents have mixed feelings about the t-shirts as some can see a humorous side while others think they’re encouraging children to misbehave at school.

Some have said the t-shirt reminds them of their own schooldays and when they got in trouble with the teacher while others have said criticised the company responsible for making it.

The below Facebook post has numerous comments with people making themselves heard and it’s clear that no one agrees.

There are comments like “lighten up”, “it’s a joke” and this “really made me laugh” but in contrast, there’s the person who said:

“Is it the parents who bought her this shirt and are encouraging this destructive behaviour who are to blame for this poor kid’s attitude?”

You can see what people had to say here and if you have any thoughts on the t-shirt, let us know in the comments below.

Somehow, we don’t think they’re likely to take off here anytime soon…