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15th Mar 2015

The fantastic four: Happy Mother’s Day to one of Ireland’s busiest mums

Charlie, Luke, Tom and James aka The Kelly Quad Squad are two weeks old and doing well...

Sophie White

This time two weeks ago Anita Fitzgerald was recovering from the delivery of her four sons in Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital, today she is relieved to be home with her older son, Matthew and partner David.

Things were touch and go for Anita when she quite suddenly became gravely ill in the days prior to her emergency c-section. Thankfully all four babies were safely delivered and after a nine-day stay in hospital, Anita has returned home for her first Mother’s Day as a mother of five.

Her four baby boys, Charlie, Luke, Tom and James will continue to stay in hospital. While they are doing well, they are not fully out of the danger zone yet as, due to their early arrival, they are still quite small and need monitoring. Meanwhile, Anita and David are flat out going back and forth to the hospital and looking after big brother, Matthew.

“Myself and David are just taking each day at a time for now and trying to get things in order for the boys’ arrival home, which we are told could be six weeks or sooner depending on their weights and how they are doing. We also have little Matthew to think about, so it’s all go at the minute.”

The boys are progressing well with Charlie and Luke each weighing 2lb 12oz while Tom is 2lb 7oz, and James is 2lb 1oz.

“The boys have got so big over the past week and we hope this will stand to them. They are even breathing on their own some days which is amazing to see.”

“We are all just delighted here in Kilclonfert that our little miracles have made it this far, and we ask everyone to keep them in their prayers.”

Anita with David and Matthew last year