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20th Jun 2018

The ‘momsicle’: soothe teething pain with a breast milk ice lolly

Have you tried this?

Katie Mythen-Lynch


Breast milk is an age-old remedy for healing just about every ailment in the book (squirt some in an eye infection; rub some on a cracked nipple…) but there is one clever cure you may not have heard of.

Step forward the Momsicle: a breast milk ice pop that fans say really does the trick when it comes to teething pain.

The antibodies in breast milk combat infection and ease inflammation while the icy texture cools the gums and offers some pain relief.

The added benefit? You don’t even need to pop to the shop for the ingredients.

Here’s how to make one:

  1. Pour some expressed breast milk into a clean mesh teether or baby-specific ice lolly mould (these are great). Feel free to add water or a pureé mix such as yogurt and stewed apple. These can also be made with formula.
  2. Allow to freeze until your pops are solid, then let baby dig in. Breast milk melts fast so keep a watchful eye on them so you can take away the lolly handle once they’re finished.

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