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16th Jan 2015

There’s a new child car seat in town that’s kind to your wallet and your back

A breakthrough (and swivelling) car seat


So you’ve got a list of what to buy before the baby arrives, and right at the top of it – way above the cute clothes, essential toiletries and cot even (you’ll get away without that for a bit) – is probably a car seat.

If you own a car (and you’re having a baby), a car seat is the one thing that you’re going to need pretty much from the get go (as well as some cute clothes, obviously); but it’s not an easy purchase to make – there’s a lot to consider and it’s an important decision.

Maxi-Cosi is celebrating its 30th birthday and has just launched a new breakthrough child car seat that is exclusive to Mothercare; as well as being kind to your baby, your back and your bank account.

The new AxissFix offers rear-facing travel for children up to 87cm in height (approximately two years old), going further than the latest EU Child Safety Protection laws, which now state that rear-facing seats must be used from birth to 12-15 months and for babies up to 29lbs. It is also the first swivelling car seat to comply with the latest EU i-Size (R129) regulation.

Because the AxissFix is able to swivel a full 360 degrees, it helps reduce strain on parents’ upper bodies. Parents can strap babies in facing forwards, and then easily rotate them round into the rear-facing position without unnecessary lifting. This also means the seat can simply be rotated forwards, without the need to reinstall it, once a child is older than 15 months and taller than 76cm. It also has a headrest and seven adjustable harness positions so children can travel in the seat from around 4 months up to around four years old.

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The new AxissFix range is exclusive to Mothercare, which now has 20 stores nationwide in counties Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Laois, Limerick, Louth, Sligo and Waterford. Currently the fifth largest partner in the world, Mothercare Ireland is one of the original partners of the Mothercare International Group, which now has more stores worldwide than the original Mothercare company.

Once you have the car seat sorted you can shop for the rest of the items on your list at Mothercare online. You can also find Mothercare on Facebook and follow on Twitter, @MothercareIRL.


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