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13th May 2016

These Parents’ Tweets About Bedtime Are All Of Us (At Bedtime)

As a parent of two young children and a full six years of experience in the world of motherhood, I still struggle to pep-talk myself into getting bedtime under way at night.

I mean; I know it’s lovely once they are actually in bed, it’s just that the process of getting from awake to asleep can, with kids, be a rather strenious one. For starters, you have been parenting all day, energy levels are low and, let’s face it, you are kind of done. I know, come 7.30 pm, that I am anyway.

The problem is that more often than not my kids are not done. By a long shot. It’s like a switch goes off in their little heads telling them they must stretch out being put to bed for as long as humanly possible. And so they often do. And they are not even limiting themselves to one tactic, either, the clever little fe**ers.

Avoiding sleep can be done by means like multiple drink requests, sudden frantic stuffed toy rescue missions, bladders threatning to burst, stories that need to be told, (invisible) bugs chased out through windows and on and on and on it goes until eventually I manage to make miracles happen and they fall asleep.

The comfort is that I am certainly not alone. In fact, just a little scroll through the feeds of some of Twitter’s funniest parents fill me with relief, knowing that bedtime is just as insane in other people’s houses. Thank God.

Here are some of the most hilarious tweets about the madness that is bedtime with little kids I have come across:

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