10 Really Honest Thoughts I Have About My Kid Starting Big School 5 years ago

10 Really Honest Thoughts I Have About My Kid Starting Big School

"Jacob starts school this day week!" I roared at my friend down the phone on my way to work this morning.

"Then why do you sound so.. HAPPY?!" came the (tongue-in-cheek) reply.

Well, the fact is, I AM happy about it.

My son will be five in two weeks time and he is SO ready to get going to school.

His little inquisitive mind is brimming over with questions this summer and he needs to go an stretch that brain of his.

Every night before he goes to bed he presents me with a clanger;

"Mammy, a really, really good question?"

"Yes, son" I'll reply.

"What are dreams?"


And I stare at him for a moment, wondering how lucky we are to have such a smart and curios child before replying;

"I'll get your dad"

Here are the 10 things that this mammy really feels about her kid starting school for the first time:

1. What Is The Earliest I Can Leave Him In?

Let's be honest - this whole '2-and-a-bit months off for summer lark' is just ridiculous and we're all sick of each other now. And we're BORED. As much as we know that they kids need routine back in their lives, so do we! I will be ready at the school gates the second they are open on Monday morning and I will be back at my house ten minutes later to just.. breathe.

2. Finally! I Will Have The House To Myself!

I don't want the house to myself ALL day long when I'm there but I haven't had it to myself at all for the past few months. I might just lie down on the kitchen floor and bask in the peace for a hour or two.

3. I Hope He Doesn't Get Bullied


Oh yes, just like a see-saw, our mammy thought process ranges from 'Can't wait to get them back to school' to 'but if anyone touches a hair on his tiny head, I will rip him out of there and have him home schooled immediately'.

4. I Must Sign Him Up For Karate Classes

See Pt. 3 above

5. What If His Homework Is Too Difficult For Me?

To be fair, it's been a LONG time since I've attempted curriculum maths or geography. What if he needs help with his Irish and I look like a dumb ass because I can't answer it? Thank god for Mr. Google.

6. What Are The Other Mums Making Their Kids For Lunch?

I have been a bit basic with the ole lunch box since he's been at pre-school so what now? Do I have to upgrade him to sushi and super salads? Somebody help meeee!

7. Are We Still Covering School Books in Bits Of Wallpaper?


I fondly remember covering my schoolbooks the night before school would start back up after the summer holidays. My dad would produce a bit of an old remnant from a bedroom he had wallpapered, with a roll of sellotape, and off I'd go. Hopefully the school-going world has moved on from that.

8. Maybe I Can Get The Garden/Front Room/Attic/Photo Sorting Finished While He's In Class

It's so hard to get anything done when the kids are under your feet all summer long and plus, it's far more fun to organise days out for them than to expect them to stand by and watch you dig out weeds. But now, free time is a-coming, mama, and you can catch up. Yeow!

9. What If He Suddenly Decides He's Into Football?

I jest, I do want my kid to try out as many sports as possible. While we've gotten away with it until now, we know that Saturday mornings spent at the sidelines of wet and windy football pitches are in our futures. Our very near futures.

10. What If I Really Miss Him?

I will, I know I will. I already do.

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