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29th Aug 2015

This Dad has turned lunchbox packing into an art form

If you’re relatively content when your child’s lunchbox makes it into the classroom every day, just be glad you don’t live in the same school district as Beau Coffron. 

Now known worldwide as The Lunchbox Dad, Beau has turned lunchbox packing into an art form, turning each boxed meal into a culinary treat for his lucky little girl, Abby, in order to let her know he’s thinking about her while she’s at school.

Now Beau, a dad-of-three (who works full time, in case you’re wondering) has started showcasing his amazing creations on his blog in an effort to inspire other parents.

Themes include Abby’s favourite TV shows, as well as seasons, events and popular characters.

Here are six of our favourites…

1. Sports Ball Lunch 

1 (2)

2. Ruby the Pirate


3. The Playground


4. King Julien


5. Alphabet


6. Under the Sea


For more, check out The Lunchbox Dad.