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24th Apr 2016

This Dad Is Taking French Plaits To The Next Level!

Sharyn Hayden

When I was a kid, I learned how to do a french plait on a horse’s tail. True story.

When my partner Alan was a kid, he learned how to do a french plait because he has nine sisters. Also a true story.

But for a lot of blokes, learning how to perfect a bun or braided pony tail would not have been high on their agenda, so I think Alan is more the exception than the rule.

That’s why I love this idea from the US – a class aimed at helping dads learn how to complete simple hair styles for their little girls.

The concept originated when single dad Phillippe Morgesse taught himself how to put a bun and plait in his daughter’s hair and other single dads asked him if he could show them how to do it.

He founded the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory and aside from learning practical hairstyling tools, Phillippe says it’s really about developing a strong parenting bond between father and child.

“It’s just about being involved and this is just another way to get involved.. It’s really about spending time with your girl”

You can watch the full interview with Philippe and his daughter here:

The classes are currently only available in the States but I think we could see one in Ireland soon – what do you think?

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