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21st Jun 2019

This mum’s ‘aggressive’ pantry rules are dividing parents

Keeley Ryan

Having a clean house is incredibly satisfying.

And while there aren’t too many people who actually enjoy tidying up, there’s no denying that we *love* it when our home is nice and tidy.

However, one mum has divided social media users with her “aggressive” list of rules to keep her pantry clean.

An image of the cupboards was shared to the Facebook page, Kmart Unhacks & Roasts, and left some parents absolutely shocked.

Alongside the nice and clean pantry, there were two rules posted for the mum’s family:

“1. Don’t ask me where everything is coz I labelled every darn thing.

“2. I spent two days organising this pantry, if you mess it up I WILL CUT YOU.”

The post has gotten more than 1,000 comments and 600 likes since it was first shared.

Some mums thought that the sign was hilarious, and that the mum’s work was “organisational goals” – and they could totally understand where she was coming from.

However, some other parents felt that the mum had taken things too far with her list.

One person said:

“I’d never put a sign up like this for my children to read. I don’t get why people think it’s funny.”

Someone else commented:

“My jaw dropped when I read ‘I will cut you’ that is actually disgusting.”

Others wondered just how it had taken the mum two days to organise everything, as there wasn’t a lot of food inside.

One blunt Facebook user said:

“How the f*** did this take her two days? There’s no f***ing food in it.”

Another argued:

“That’s not a pantry, it’s a glorified linen cupboard that’s presumably in the kitchen!! Pantries have food in them.”