This mum's post sums up how we all feel about head lice 2 years ago

This mum's post sums up how we all feel about head lice

Does even the word lice make you feel itchy?

This mum blogger summed up perfectly how we all feel once the word head lice comes into the equation.

With back to school only around the corner, I'm expecting a 'headlice outbreak' letter sent home in my son's school bag any day now which will immediately make me want to burn everything I know, just to be on the safe side.

Mum blogger Babs Dorney aka Depressed Housewife, posted about how she whips out the dreaded lice comb the minute she sees her child touching her head and how even the word 'lice' sends her into a scratching frenzy.

Her comb looks quite friendly compared to the steel one my grandmother used to drag through my hair. I used to walk away checking that I still actually had a scalp left!


My son came home only a week into September last year with a note to say that there were lice in the school and that all children needed to be checked.

Luckily his head was clear which I was so grateful for because he's got really thick hair. He did go to school the next day smelling like The Body Shop because I covered his hair in tea tree oil.

Lice don't like the smell of it and the slicker the hair is the harder it is for them to latch on. Of course, once they're actually in the hair only the hardcore stuff will really do the job.

I just realised that the entire time I've been writing this I've also been scratching my head which just goes to prove Babs right.

Does even the mention of head lice give you the heebeegeebees and have you been itchy the whole time you've been reading this?