This parenting invention is amazing and I'm getting one immediately 4 years ago

This parenting invention is amazing and I'm getting one immediately

I just found the most amazing parenting product and I'm seriously wondering why someone didn't think of it sooner.

My baby loves her sling but at nearly a year old sticking her in a traditional carrier is starting to put a strain on my back. Usually, I end up carrying her in my arms with her weight resting on my hip.

That's where this fantastic product comes in to make my daily travels a whole lot easier.

Presenting TushBaby, a soft ergonomic baby carrier that sits right on your hip. It evenly distributes weight making it comfortable as well as convenient.

Created by a creative team including two mums and funded by their Kickstarter, this is the product that parents, myself included have been waiting for.

With most of us automatically throwing our baby or toddler on our hip when we hold them, it only makes sense for a carrier that attaches to your waist instead of your chest or back.

Suitable from birth it can also be used as a breastfeeding cushion for very small babies.


Easily attached by one simple snap of a buckle it also works as a super handy storage device for when you're out and about.

You can keep nappies and wipes in the storage beneath the seat and put your keys and phone in the side pocket.

Toys can also be attached to a loop in the front to keep baby content on their travels.

Available to pre-order for their website they are set to be launched in September worldwide.

Seeing that it won't get to me until autumn I thought my little one might be too big for it but the carrier can support children up to three years.

I'm bringing her on vacation in November and I think I may just need to pack a TushBaby in my suitcase.