Photo proves why mums need enough postpartum recovery time 3 years ago

Photo proves why mums need enough postpartum recovery time

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Which is why a photo of a dinner plate is going viral for its important message about childbirth.

The picture was shared on a Facebook page called Labor of Love - Lancaster, PA, which is run by Laura Fry, a mum and birth advocate.

Ms Fry explained that she had taken a photo of the plate to emphasise why mums need to a lot of time to rest after the birth of their child.

It was first uploaded two years ago, but we think it's so important to go back to time and time again.

She wrote:


“22cm or 8.6 inches. That is the exact diameter of a paper plate, AKA the fine china in our house. It is also the average diameter of a placenta.

"After a baby is born, mothers are told to take it easy for at least four-to-six weeks.

“There are good reasons for that! One of those reasons is that after the baby is born, mothers are left with a wound on the inside of their uterus where the placenta was attached.

"That wound will take at least four-to-six weeks to completely heal. During that time they are still susceptible to infection and hemorrhaging.

"Even if they have a complication-free vaginal delivery and feel okay, they will still need to take care of themselves and not overdo it for those first several weeks postpartum.

"To those mothers, rest! To their husbands, partners, parents, in-laws, friends - let them rest! Help out as much as you can and don’t let them overdo it!

"As the saying goes 'one week in bed, one week around the bed, and 2 weeks around the house.'"

Ms Fry was careful to emphasise the point that she isn't doctor herself, but just wants to re-iterate the importance of making sure to rest postpartum.