This post sums up every mum you will find in an online parenting group perfectly 3 years ago

This post sums up every mum you will find in an online parenting group perfectly

Online parenting groups can be an absolute lifesaver.

They're the perfect place to get the answers to those late night (and occasionally nagging) questions, or simply a spot to lend support to parents going through the same thing.

But parenting groups can also provide a good laugh, for both the relatable parenting stories and all the different personalities out there.

One parent shared a post on Reddit that captured the personalities of the mums in parenting Facebook groups - and you'll definitely recognise some of them.

The original poster explained that the viral post was first shared in their wife's mum's group, but that the users at /r/parenting would appreciate it, too.

It all begins with 'Mom A' writing:

“My house is on fire and my child is inside screaming. What do I do?! Picture for attention!"

The rest of the mums - from B to Z - are quick to weigh in on with a variety of suggestions, with everything from "just put some coconut oil on it!" to "try changing his diet."

Shared in my wife's FB Mom's Group from r/Parenting


The post quickly got dozens of comments, many of which were other mums chiming in with the 'forgotten' members of the mum groups.


Someone wrote:

"You for got the clueless mom.

"'I just heard sirens go by my house. What is happening? I hope everyone is ok. Sending prayers.'"

Another person said the post was the exact reason they left one of their Facebook groups.

They added;

"this is why I had to leave my mothers of multiples Facebook group. I got tired of posting 'please ask your pediatrician before giving that to your infant!' on every post where someone recommended the damn oils for ear aches and whatnot."

A different person remarked:

"It's missing 'but they're only little for so long... I just get as many cuddles as I can now'."