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14th Jun 2024

This viral hack may get your children to finally eat their dinner

Niamh Ryan

Every parent knows the stress and chaos that often comes with dinner time.

Food is being thrown as well as tantrums, and often it’s more of an ordeal than any dinner should be.

However, one mother on Instagram has shown her hack for combatting the dinner battle.

Billie Ray Asmus shared a video of her pouring an entire pot of spaghetti directly onto the kitchen table (covered in a clean tablecloth).

Her kids were wearing bibs, allowing them to make as much mess as they wanted.

“Both kids stayed at the dinner table the whole time, they never complained, and I’ve never seen them eat so well! Plus, we hardly had any dishes to do!” she wrote.

They ate using their hands, and apparently it was the most successful dinner in a long time.

Now, this hack may not work for every family, but it’s certainly something to consider!

Plus, there’s benefits to letting children play with their food.

Like ordinary play, children develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination by playing with food.

It also allows them to explore what foods they like, what textures and colours they enjoy, and may help them to develop a healthier relationship with food if they feel they have control over it.

But, if having a table of spaghetti doesn’t sound appetising, there are plenty of other tricks to help your kids eat.