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07th Feb 2019

Tonight is Harry Potter book night and here is how you can relive the magic

Tonight is Harry Potter night and here is how you can celebrate at home with your family.

The first book was released 22 years ago and has since inspired and entertained generations of young children.

If you and your children are fans of the series why not curl with up with one of them this evening?

In my house we have the full original collection from the 90s and 00s but more recently we added some new Harry Potter books to our library.

A few years ago a series of illustrated Potter books for younger readers were released. I bought them for my son as he was starting primary school at the time and they were the first books he learned to read.

If you have little readers in your home that might not be old enough to tackle the original books these illustrated versions are perfect for bedtime storytime.

Now if the evening comes around and you realise you have your butterbeer and your chocolate frogs, but wait, you have no copy of any of the books, fear not.

You can easily borrow a copy of any of the books in the series in ebook format online from Dublin City Library!

So cuddle up, wrap the blankets around you and fall into the magical world of Harry Potter.