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09th Oct 2021

The tooth fairy letter many parents are feeling a little divided about

Trine Jensen-Burke

tooth fairy letter


The tooth fairy has been busy in our house these past few months – luckily, she had a free pass to travel during the pandemic.

My children write their letter, the tooth goes under the pillow, and for the most part (unless the tooth fairy completely forgets and has to try again the next night…) there is a €2 coin there when they wake up.

Simple enough, in other words.

Some parents, though, take the opportunity to have the tooth fairy play a more disciplinary role, it seems.

Recently, one mum shared a post on Facebook about how she uses the tooth fairy to encourage her kids’ good behaviour – and it has certainly divided opinion!

Posting in the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group, Lauren Champion, a mum of two from Derbyshire, shared a picture of the letter from the tooth fairy, alongside a 50p coin.

The letter said:

‘Thank you for your 7th very clean tooth.

‘Unfortunately, I have heard that recently your behaviour hasn’t been as good as you know it should be.

‘Therefore, I shall only reward you with silver coins. Please try harder next time and you will be rewarded with a golden coin.’

Needless to say, parents were divided about this take on the tooth fairy tradition, and soon responded to the post with their own tooth fairy stories.

Some seemed to think Champion’s idea was brilliant:

‘You’re a genius!’ said one.

‘Brilliant! So creative mommies! Love it!’ said another.

‘Good on you using every opportunity to teach your little one the value of money and the value of good behaviour …’ agreed another.

However, other parents didn’t think it was fair – or kind – to use the tooth fairy tradition like this:

‘I did something similar but my daughter got really upset and then I felt awful’

‘This would upset my two! Wouldn’t dream of it!’

‘Our tooth fairy doesn’t watch the kids and doesn’t judge or comment on their behaviour’