Top 10 Toys For Little Boys This Christmas (That Are Not TOO Noisy) 3 years ago

Top 10 Toys For Little Boys This Christmas (That Are Not TOO Noisy)

Fancy the gift of peace this Christmas?

If your child is like my little rats tail, he is most likely to be found racing around the house with a fart loudspeaker, high on candy canes this Christmas day.

In a bid to minimise as much LOUD as we can get away with, (without being a total scrooge) we have compiled a list of some of the best toys the shops have to offer this Christmas which focus on fun rather than fanfare. Here's our list of gifts for the boys in your life that won't get your tinsel in a tangle on December 25th.

1. Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

This big ticket gift is sure to occupy your little fellow all day. The giant car garage has eight different play zones and two lifts.  Your little boy racer can zoom the cars side-by-side and as well as practice his parallel parking with the 36 parking spots. The set comes with an array of cars and a helicopter. We have this firmly in our sights for under the tree this year. The garage lights up and has a fire engine bell but, shhhhhh...they don't need to know that just yet. Get it at Smyths for €109.99

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 14.30.37

2. Pieface

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 14.45.24

My son has been begging me for this gift since he saw it advertised back in February just after his birthday. To his joy, his cousin got one and they spent hours happily roaring laughing as they pie each other in the face. The idea is to turn a handle and get a point each time until you get splatted in the face with shaving cream or whipped cream. Videos of people getting pied on You-Tube have received over 8 million views. Grown-ups can also get in on the action which is especially fun after a few glasses of wine. The clean-up is not as much fun but this is Christmas, live a little. Available now at Smyths for €21.99

3. Hatchimals

They have been described as the 'hottest Christmas toy of 2016". These little guys consist of different eggs that are interactive and records your child's voice and plays it back to them. They hatch to reveal a surprise animal inside. To say they are difficult to buy is an understatement. The lady in Hamleys laughed in my face (politely) when I asked if they were available. Hatchimals are a hybrid of owl unicorns (the owlicorn) birds and turtles (burtle) and penguin-koalas (penguala) They cost about €85 but are selling at upwards of twice that price!  Tell us where you can get them PLEASE.

4. Lego

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 15.23.09

A little boy toy list could not be complete without a nod to all things Lego. God knows, I have it to thank for finally being able to finish a hot cup of tea. The ongoing popularity of Star Wars means the dedicated sets such as Millenium Falcon, X-Wing and The Force Awakens are always a hit with little fans. Your little superhero will love Marvel's Spiderman with the Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge top of the wish-list in our house.  Popular with older boys, Lego Minecraft is also drawing the crowds. The Jungle tree house and fortress set is EVERYTHING to my 7-year-old nephew. Get Lego Star wars Resistance Lego here from €12.99

5. Nerf guns

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 15.38.11

While I am not the hugest toy gun fan, this foam shooter is fun for big boys as well as the littler ones as the pellets are soft. The Marvel Captain America gun is the hot favourite this year and wraps around your arm superhero style. And best of all, it is quiet. It is €27.99 and available from Smyths 

6.Thomas Sky High Jump

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 15.39.52

This Thomas & Friends train set breaks new ground by taking Thomas off the tracks and sending him soaring through the air. It is supposed to jump over 2 feet – perfect for your speed-loving rascal. Littlewoods Ireland have it on sale at the moment at €119 here

7. Imaginex DC Superfriends Super Flight Gotham City

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 15.45.41

How does Batman watch over Gotham City? From the air, of course! Your wee one can help Batman take flight by loading him onto the flight pack and have him circle the city looking for action. We found this in Smyths for €57.00 available here

8. Official Pokemon Colouring Book

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 15.27.23

Does your little Pokemon love capturing those creepy creatures? As the weather gets colder and if your Christmas turkey belly is craving the couch, let them get creative with this quiet but captivating colouring book. Available here from Easons at just €8.99

9. BB-8 Star Wars Robot

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 16.02.46

The most devoted star wars fans will crave this little droid this Christmas. BB-8 Sphero is an interactive robot who wants to tell you all about his latest adventures in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. BB-8 would like to beep his way into your heart. He does make noise but not too much (and he is so cute he will be worth it) You can also record holographic videos and responds to voice commands. He is available at the Disney Store Grafton Street from about €180 euro or you can buy him here from Littlewoods

10. A Tepee tent

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 16.12.10

Your little pirate will love this play tent almost as much as you. Irish company, Maple and Spud, set up the company last year. They custom-make tepees for lucky children across the world from their workshop in Ballyneale, Co Tipperary. They have also started designing for dogs so your pooch can have its own posh pad too. This Jolly Rodger Tepee is €160 and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Happy Shopping y'all!