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15th Oct 2016

It’s Here! Our ULTIMATE Family Bucket List (And They’re Mostly Free)

Amanda Cassidy

Have you ever made a birds nest with your kids? Have you created a time capsule, or had a snowball fight with your toddler?

No, me neither.

But perhaps it is time!

We have come up with a list of 20 fun and cheap activities to do with your children before they get too big to want to play with you! It’s a great checklist to get kids outdoors and engage them in good, old-fashioned fun. It is also a reminder that kids do not always have to have structured play!

You can make your own bucket list as elaborate as you like. Disneyworld is on our wish list, as well as Legoland and Lapland. But sometimes, the free and simple ideas will provide the greatest of memories!

Here at HQ we have come up with an easy-to-do Family Bucket List that is guaranteed to create happy memories for the whole family:

1.Make a family scrapbook

2. Plant a tree

3. Camp in the garden

4. Make a pizza from scratch together

5. Create a nature table

6. Hold a family talent show (yes, even Dad)

7. Catch a sunrise/sunset

8. Watch a local match together

9. Create a vegetable/herb garden

10. Go shell hunting on the nearest beach

11. Update your family height chart on a wall

12. Draw portraits of each other

13. Stage a treasure hunt

14. Fly a kite on the beach

15. Make a video together about your family life

16. Create a fairy-house

17. Drive through the Irish country side

18. Have a movie night every week

19. Make handprints and frame them

20. Host a snail race

You can expand your list as time and finances allow. On our family bucket list I also have ‘a family sleigh ride’ even though I know it will be ages before we get there.

It won’t be long before your children prefer hanging out with friends so put down those gadgets and get planning. Your kids will be delighted too!

What would you have on your family bucket list?