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21st Apr 2015

VIDEO: 6-year-old thinks his sister called him mean and he is not happy about it AT ALL

Mean Vs Meaning

Sive O'Brien

Just so you know, George is not mean. He is definitely NOT mean. In fact, he’s a “total trooper and amazingly funny”.

The six-year-old’s sister, Ava, is recording a video message for their mum and she wants her younger brother to say ‘hello’ but he is upset because she has just called him ‘mean’. Or so he thinks. His sister actually said ‘meaning’, but George is having NONE of it.

The two words do sound very similar but there is more to the story. A caption underneath the video explained, “George was born with a cleft lip and palate and also totally deaf in his left ear. He’s had glue ear in his right and only been able to hear well in it for about a year and a half. He also wears a hearing aid in this ear to help. This means he has delayed speech and language as he finds it hard to hear parts of some words, hence the misunderstanding. He’s a good kid, a total trooper and amazingly funny. He is certainly not mean!”

We think George is too cute. See for yourself.