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15th Apr 2019

This video about being a hot mess mom is so relatable I could have filmed it

Melissa Carton

In many parenting circles, I feel like the resident ‘hot mess mom’.

I always forget to bake for the bake sale, I never remember to take back to school photos and on more than one occasion have left the house wearing jeans stained with baby food.

I get what needs to be done, done, but with absolutely no gravitas or Pinterest mum charm.

If you’re like me and are a fellow member of the ‘hot mess’ clan, then this video is going to be all sorts of relatable.

In all honesty, they may as well have filmed me on any given day of the week.

Finding cold cups of coffee everywhere and the mystery of the missing shoe is particularly relatable.

I burst out loud at the end to their reaction at being mum shamed by the so-called ‘perfect parent’ because let’s face it none of us is perfect so who are you fooling Karen?

If you sometimes feel alone in your ‘hot messes’ don’t worry, you’re not as over 48,000 comments where left by other clan members including this one;

“I’m still wearing my maternity bra (pull down snaps to breastfeed, but no longer breastfeeding) and underwear and my daughter is 3. Dont judge me.”

I think really, from the huge response the video got many more of us see ourselves as ‘hot mess moms’ than perfect parents, so don’t worry about another mum judging you when you mess up, she’s probably just thinking ‘oh I’ve so done that too’.