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11th Mar 2015

WATCH: A Belfast baby says “Hello!” to his mum at 7-weeks-old

Irish babies really are the smartest (we reckon)


A baby boy from Belfast has amazed his parents (and us) by saying his first word at just seven-weeks-old. After making a few attempts to respond to his mum’s chat, little Cillian can be heard saying the word ‘hello’ towards the end of a 23-second video. The moment was captured by his mum, Toni McCann, whose surprised reaction can be heard right after her son says “Hello!” to her.

Cillian isn’t the first baby to utter his first word at such a young age. You might remember baby Luca whose parents sent us a video of him also saying “hello!” at just seven weeks.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s all very cute and impressive; although, it might be nice to hear a ‘thank you’ next.


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