WaterWipes launch virtual support network for new parents in lockdown 3 years ago

WaterWipes launch virtual support network for new parents in lockdown

A brilliant idea!

Irish brand WaterWipes, the world’s purest baby wipes, is launching #EarlyDaysClub, an honest and entertaining life-line for new and expecting parents during lockdown, which will include helpful advice from Irish expert Dr Laura Lenihan.

Being a new parent is hard enough without a global pandemic but physical distancing doesn’t mean you have to go without that precious support network. #EarlyDaysClub is all about providing that support network at a time when it may not be available.

A place where there are no silly questions, myths are busted, taboos tackled, chaos embraced and questions answered by parents going through it, parents who’ve done it before and approachable healthcare professionals.

Showing parents that despite current circumstances they are definitely not alone.

As a member of the #EarlyDaysClub , parents will get support through readily available information on WaterWipes’ social channels and invited to attend live events featuring a community of influential new parents and health care professionals.


In the lead up to each live event, parents can send in their questions or topics of concern by heading to WaterWipes on Instagram or Facebook.

Speaking about the new support network comedian, Ellie Taylor, said:

“Becoming a parent for the first time is such an experience filled with emotions and my heart goes out to all new and expectant parents during this incredibly difficult time.

With social distancing restrictions in place, many are finding themselves isolated from their support networks and suddenly navigating parenthood differently than they expected.

It's time like these that support networks like the Early Days Club are so vital, and why I’m so pleased to be partnering with the WaterWipes family to bring more parents together and open up the conversation on parenthood.”

You can join the WaterWipes Early Days Club by signing up through the WaterWipes website.